♪♪ Where Have All the Services Gone? ♪♪

My daughter’s computer is becoming acquainted with me, and my patience level is running out.  I admit it’s not as long as it used to be. 

fired up!

The flame burns high quicker than before.  Seems there’s a simmering coal ready to ignite at the least breath of air to fan it imbedded deep in my innermost being.  Where did that come from? 

Beats the heck out of me.  I just know it’s there.  And these people from Frontier are taking big bellows and blowing air on that coal to the point that it’s hot under my collar, really hot.  So to spite them, I called Time Warner to see about getting my service changed. First of all, I couldn’t hear a word she was saying.  It sounded as though she had her hand over the mouthpiece.  When I said for the fourth time I couldn’t hear her at all, could she or he (couldn’t even tell what it was) call me back, all of a sudden it was very clear.  “Is this better?”  grrrrr.  Blankety-blank yes, that’s better.  (don’t worry; just me talking to me at that point.)  My I’ll-show-Frontier attitude dissolved when she said it would be 7 to 14 days for them to come and see if my area was serviceable.  SHUT UP!!!  Then we could talk packages and prices.

So what happened to companies who valued your business and appreciated your loyalty?  Where have all the quality services gone?  Where has any service at all gone? 

My conclusion:  Big companies do not give a rat’s petunia about me or anybody else.  

Mo' money! Mo' money!

They do not care that I have only started my blog and need feedback (of which, by the way, I need more, greedy pig that I am… or insecure blogger).  They do not care that my friends and I get together via facebook and email.  They do not care that I get my news, my weather, my social calendar, or travel my information highway all while sitting in front of my best friend’s little white bright face covered in words and pictures and things I still don’t understand how to use.  They do not care that I need to pay my bills in a timely manner (the last day to pay without a late fee) or that I need to shop for a new dining table and chairs (alas, the story of the splitting table/chairs). 

If Pete Seeger were writing songs now, it would be about services, not flowers.