Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!!

Popi and Gigi have been working hard on the castle for the grandgirls and grandboy when they all visit.  Kate and Ava, of course, visit often.  After all, they only live a couple of blocks away.  Finally, the big day came:  it was finished and ready for all sorts of characters to move into its welcoming sort-of walls.

trying our the castle

trying out the castle

Rapunzel awaits a tour of the castle while her lady-in-waiting tries out the swing.

climbing the swinging bridge

climbing the swinging bridge

The lady-in-waiting always goes first… unless Rapunzel throws a big, bawling fit.  Then the Queen, Gigi, must step in and tone down the impulsive pushiness of the bigger half of this pretend scenario.

enjoying themselves in the "music room"

enjoying themselves in the “music room”

Kate loves to pretend to be asleep.  Such a shame it’s always pretend.


Rapunzel is just so stinkin’ cute!!



You know, I may have the lady-in-waiting confused with the court jester.

climbing, climbing

climbing, climbing

Aw, yes she is the lady-in-waiting.  My only concern is waiting for what?!?!Rapunzel

Just as I suspected.  Our lady-in-waiting has ulterior motives!  And I’m fairly sure they involve knocking the fair Rapunzel off the bridge.  Run, fair maiden, run!!

in hot pursuit

in hot pursuit

our sweet maiden has made it to the castle tower

our sweet maiden has made it to the castle tower

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!!

Rapunzel A very unusual way to survey the kingdom for any threats to the tower.

IMG_7190The secret escape route in case of danger… which would more than likely come from the lady-in-waiting.Rapunzel

There never is a very ladylike, princessly way to fall off the bottom of the slide.  But coming to Rapunzel’s aid, proving that she is all her name sets forth that she is, is our valiant lady-in-waiting to help the poor little maiden to victory.Rapunzel

Or maybe she’s just showing off the dirty arm.

Anyway… on to Popi’s next project!!   A roof for the deck!Rapunzel








So Much For Bird Poop Good Luck

If you recall, just a couple of weeks ago I got poop bombed by some bird.  Not while I was standing under a tree with a big poop here sign on my head but as I was a passenger in a moving vehicle with the window only rolled halfway down.  Not only did it land on my leg closest to the half-opened window, it also hit my arm that was close to the window and hit my brand-spankin’ new purse that was on the total other side of me.

You can, perhaps, now see why I often times feel rather bleak.  This sort of shyte (thanks Serenity for awesome spelling on such a shyttie word) (no shyttie pun intended – sort of) happens to me all the time.

falling... and falling some more

The details of my great grief at the moment can wait for later.  But I did want to share my latest falling episode.  My first fall came from jumping up and down on a shovel while the dolly for moving the heavy pots of soil was right beside me.  I fell directly onto it.

severely bruised leg

It felt like a had broken my thigh bone, but luckily my leg was only severely bruised from the hip down to my knee.   And stayed that way for months, slowly fading, of course.  Hurt like Hades.  The pic is not my bruise, but it looked just like that.

Then there was the big fall in the pool last year, separating my arm from the rest of my body and breaking my complete right side.  Okay, okay.  So it didn’t separate my arm or break anything, but it felt like it did!  The arm is much better after months of therapy, but is still in the healing process.

Then Sunday past as I was pushing the grandgirls on the swings at the park, as I was rushing from one swing to the other lest either one of the precious ones might per chance slow down  a fraction in their swing stride, as I was doing all this in flip-flops, I lost my footing in the loose gravel/wood chips/sweetgum tree balls.  (The persistent fruit is a woody head of two-celled capsules. Each capsule contains two tiny, black seeds. When they fall, they become the spiny balls that clutter lawns.) Fruit?  I thought they were weapons of torture.  Have you ever stepped on one of those when you were bare-footed?  Fruit?!  I think not!

So here are the four-days-after pic of my knee that bled all over the place and my toe/foot that felt broken.  And, no, it is not the same big toe that was clobbered by the five-gallon can of stain at Menard’s.

Does that not look like it hurt?!

The toe is bruised all over! How 'bout that polish?

The outcome of all these falls is the decision that it’s time.  Time for those Rockports.  You know, the black walking shoe that we need to start wearing once we get to the point we can’t stay standing.  The shoe that goes along with the “I-can’t-get-up” necklace.  “I wonder if I kept Mom’s?”  The shoe that says “Yeah, I’m old.”

So I went to the Rockport site, and yee-haw!!!!  I like them!!!

I could wear this.

P.S.  The prayers are helping.  🙂