The Party of 1981–The Hands of Old Friends

Dymisha and me plus ours and others — way back when

Man!!!  We were skiiiiiineeeee!!  I remember that red outfit; I loved it.  Must have been my going-to-town shorts and shirt since that’s where I thought we were going.  Headed to the big city of 12,000 compared to our little town of 1800.  Yes, you read that right.  We’re even smaller today with the commerce dwindling and people going elsewhere to buy what they need.  Forced to now that things are shutting down instead of choosing to.

As is the way with most small towns, we’ve kept getting smaller.  Waaaaay back in the day, people called our little town “going to town” because it was a bustling little place with several grocery stores, two big hardware stores, a dry cleaner, drugstore, a newspaper office, clothing stores, several taverns, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, jewelry store, skating rink, and I’m sure I am leaving some out.

It was a happy time then; a time when our children were small and easily entertained and easily maintained!  A good time for a party!

Here are some samplings of my gifts that day, gifts I have treasured for over 30 years:010

This was the beginning of the book.  A card from Dymisha and a long letter.  Followed by cards and letters from my Mom and my friends.  A heart book.


A letter from Dymisha

A letter from Dymisha

page 2

page 2

That letter is five pages long!!!  A wonderful letter that I’ll share only part with you.  But here are some more!!

Ms. Catherine's letter

Ms. Catherine’s letter

Ms. Catherine was the nurse in our one-doctor hospital.  She and Doc Stanelle cared for a lot of people over their years of doctoring.  I can remember Dr. Stanelle making house calls!  He had to come to our house once because my fever was so high it scared my mother.  Really scared her for her to call the doctor to the house!  I can remember all those kids being on my bed, jumping around and putting rocks on my forehead.  When I told my mother as much, she ran to the phone, and good old Doc did his thing.  It must have worked because I’m still here today.

Ms. Catherine was a woman of substance.  And I am very  honored that she took the time to write me a message.

Another person of substance, a man who gave years and years of his life to stand in front of our small church congregation and pick out songs to sing was Byers Young, B. O. Young.  He and his wife, Jane, were great people I will always remember fondly.  They ran one of the hardware stores in town.  And to think that he took the time to sit down and write something to a young woman just amazes me.  And humbles me as well.

B. O. Young's card

B. O. Young’s card

(more to come)


The Party of 1981 – Part 2

Dymisha was driving, and I was enjoying my free afternoon with my good friend.  She kept driving down the road, past the houses, straight to the park entrance… and stopped.  I just looked at her, and wondered what in the world was she doing.  We were going out to eat!  She was smiling from ear to ear and pointed to this big sign right in front of us.  (I have never been one to notice the obvious.)

On the sign were big words that said, “Happy Birthday, Brenda!”happy bday sign  My feeble little mind could not wrap itself around what was going on.  There were all kinds of people milling around under the shelter, children running all over the place.  What was going on?

When Dymisha finally opened the door and got out, it kicked in.  A surprise party!!!  She had planned this super awesome surprise party for me with family and friends there.  I can’t remember the details now of what we did that day.  I’m sure we had food because that’s where we were headed.  All I remember is the love:  the smiling, happy, love.

And I still remember it.

She gave me a wonderful gift that day, one she had prepared beforehand and presented to me that day.  A gift I have kept for these past 30-some years.  A scrapbook filled with letters from my family and friends with pictures from the party added later.  A book that would never happen today in the age of texting and tweeting and emailing.The Party

I found that book the other day as I was cleaning out a closet and sat down to look through it, again.  Occasionally throughout the years I would get it out and thumb through it, sometimes reading all the letters, but mostly looking at the pictures.  This particular day, I got out all the letters, everything that was in there, and decided to write about my friend, Dymisha, and the other great people who took time out of a busy day to come celebrate with me.

(to be continued)