Winnie Poo and Tigger Too!

Girls with Winnie Poo and Tigger

This past week I am still recuperating, so the blog upkeep has been a little slow.  I did go to the doc and got x-rays of my foot and toe and have no broken bones!  Yippee!  I will take any and all good news that I can possibly get.  The arm is killing me, though, so therapy starts Monday.  To get my mind off my ails and ills, I decided to post some more on our Disney trip.

I am so very sorry if you are bored to tears with my precious grandgirls… but I just can’t help it.  I am addicted to them.  And, personally, I cannot fathom how anyone else could not be.  Look at those cute little faces… and toes… and hair… and, well, you can just click on off now if you want.  I will totally understand.

But for those faithful few who indulge my addictions, here are just a few more highlights from our trip.  As I said, the big thrill for both girls was getting their picture made with all the characters.  After I added up all the bills, those photo opportunities cost a fortune!  Worth every penny, too.  After all, I can’t take it with me, and surely I won’t be eating that much when I retire (when they force me) and can learn to live on a meager existence.  I took lessons from my very frugal mother, so I at least know how to do so.

So enjoy these cute little faces (my grandgirls, not the characters).

Tigger lovin' on my Ava

Tigger & Kate

sitting in Winnie Poo's house

coming out the front door

I will stick this next picture in here to show you why there will be no photos of me.  The whole week I looked as though I was there through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which, I must add, is really neat.  There was a young girl there through that program, and they are treated so very special.  As we were waiting to get yet another picture, this time with Jasmine and her guy (can’t remember name), and after the line had been closed with several upset people expecting to be added to the line and not being allowed to do so (they do have to set limits), just as it was our turn they brought this young lady up to have her picture made.  The attendant explained she was through the Foundation because she had on a special necklace, and they would let her get her picture made first.  That was just neat; to see how they treated her in such a special way.  Come to think of it, a couple of times people looked at me like I needed some help… which I did.

Gigi peeking out from hiding in Poo's house

two grumpy girls

the ultimate way to get around Disney

To make it as easy as possible on all of us, I rented a stroller at Disney.  One of the good things about that was when we needed to drop it off and pick it up somewhere else, we could just take the name tag out and pick out another one, no packing it on and off the transportation.  We should have gotten two so there would be no fussing:  leg touching, sitting in the middle, touching feet.  You know the routine.  But basically they did very well in it.  Now, I, on the other hand, needed a little help every now and again.  At one point I had retrieved the stroller after getting off a ride, and was pushing the girls.  But my goodness!  Today was an exceptionally hot, humid day, and I was particularly tired, but that stroller was so very difficult to push.  Keely hadn’t had that much trouble, just flitting all over the place as she pushed the munchkins around.  Man!!  I was really getting old.

Since my pushing progress was lagging behind, Keely looked at me and asked if I wanted her to push.  So I told her she was going to have to; I just simply couldn’t push it and didn’t know how she pushed it so easily.

“Did you undo the brake?”


You would be sooo amazed how easily those strollers glide along without the brake on.