Princess in Prison

Halloween has come and gone once again, and I finally found my prince to set me free… at the end of about 300 guests or so.

Princess in Prison

The spooky spider web with the spooky spiders were all over the front of the house prison with the evil witch’s broom standing there ready for her to jump on and fly.  The bones of the poor deceased knights who had previously tried to save me were strewn across the yard.  And the wicked witch had changed herself into a broom!  Whenever an unsuspecting person walked by or touched it, she would laugh hysterically and move all over the place!  Just horrific!

My train is soooo long!  And my ring is shining because of the witch’s spell!

All evening I looked and looked for my prince.  Any suitor was not culled and told to ignore the bones of the previous knights; that surely the prospective suitor would be able to save me!

I just knew some of these superheros or ninjas or zombies could save me.  When I asked them if they would save me from the evil witch’s prison, they would look torn as if they just weren’t quite sure what to do, but the weight of their candy-filled pumpkins and the knowledge that more treats were out there eventually won them over, and they left me in the clutches of the evil witch in the form of a broom.  Alas.

Not all the names are known of these mighty warriors, but all did stop long enough in their trick-or-treat escapades to let me photograph them.

Finally!!  One of the mighty warriors relented and said they would save me!

Whom shall I choose as my knight in shining armor?


What is going on around here?  First we have a major flood, and now we have this army of locusts invading our land.  They are eating everything in sight!

my once beautiful rose bushes

I have been on the internet to find out how to kill them, but the only apparent safe way is to stomp them or hit them with a board, which is my plan of action, both things.

making their way to my rose bushes and other flowers

Insecticides aren’t an option because the birds are having a heyday with them as are the squirrels and even spiders.  The locusts must be delicious.  I had been noticing the squirrels digging in the ground and eating away where nothing to eat should be, couldn’t figure out what was going on with them.  Then the birds have been eating something as big as their heads.  Today I see what it is.

What kind of spider is this?

Today… I am so very mad at Adam and Eve for screwing up Paradise and opening up Pandora’s Box of sin with all the consequences that go with that sin… from now until the end of time.

The nasty, red-eyed, evil looking things are EVERYWHERE!