A Fairytale Love Story: Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly

Princess Rainer and Princess Grace

In searching for just the right love story, I came upon this blog: Decor To Adore.  She has the most awesome pictures and tells the whole story of Prince Ranier marrying Grace Kelly.  In order to give credit where credit is due, I am not going to write what Decor To Adore has already written but instead will direct you to her blog.  You won’t be disappointed.

I fell in love with Grace Kelly when I was very young.  And as most young girls, was awed and wowed with the story of her moving off to a foreign country to become a princess.  Today, in my years of gained wisdom, I realize it was probably, as Alfred Hitchcock said, one of her best roles.

It doesn’t matter to me.  I still love the love story.

Mundane Molly and Home Sweet Home

the princesses

As you can see, Princess Kate has a long way to go to come back down to reality.  In this picture she is wearing her Jasmine princess costume she bought with her birthday money.  That’s the one she picked out at the Disney Store.  She loved those jingly gold decorations.  (I have my own jingly gold decorations on my zumba skirt that I so love.)

Come to think of it, she’s never in reality that often.  Our little mundane town and existence (that I appreciate so much today) is nothing more than a background for her big plans and productions for her life.  From her knight in shining armor all the way to the babies to the police woman/school teacher/who knows, Kate is always pretending and playing.

Kate with her knight in shining armor

Her very favorite play story, though, is her prince and she getting married and living in a castle and having babies.

Kate and her Prince--♪♪Some day my Prince will come♪♪

By the time she had gotten her picture made with several princesses, she had the princess moves down.

The princess dress hold -- sort of like the princess wave only holding the dress/top out to the side

She’s already regal (takes after her Aunt Dar) and has the “how dare you talk to the Queen that way?” attitude.  (Sorry, Dar.  You may be usurped before you even realize it!)  So I have no doubt in my mind that our mundane Molly lifestyle will not be a hindrance to her grand scheme of things to come.

Now, Ava on the other hand…

"What's a prince?"

I’m not sure what that is all over her face, but the black on her chin is where she fell as she was running.  Big bruise.  And she loves to be home.  That was her big request all week:  Gigi home or Mommy home.  Just our little Mundane Mollies playing and planning their lives and being happy to be at home, sweet home.

The Wonderful World of Disney

Disney Castle

Coming up soon is our Wonderful World of Disney Adventure!  I am so excited!  We are going for Kate’s fifth birthday which explains why we are going in the hottest part of the year.  She will be treated that day like the little princess she is.  The good people at Disney give her a big badge to put on, and everyone goes out of their way to say “happy birthday” to her and give her special attention.  And Kate loves attention!  She also loves pretending to be a princess, so she will get to eat lunch at the castle and then supper with Cinderella and Prince Charming where she will receive her own little cake (over-sized cupcake) and a small jewelry box.

Prince Charming and Cinderella

I just found out today at the manicure shop (where else besides the beauty shop can you get good info?) that Prince Charming and Cinderella really did get married!  An old acquaintance was there, and as we were talking about the upcoming trip, she said a friend of hers as a young girl went to work at Disney as Cinderella.  She met the young man who was working as Prince Charming, and they fell just as in love as the original pair… and, well, got married.  They now have a home full of Disney memorabilia.  And hopefully will live happily ever after.

Which one is Kate?

Past the Princess Stage

Not so deep, and rather silly, thoughts by a Gigi playing princess with two little princesses on the sleepover:

Once upon a time, there was a Gigi past her prime.


Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Snow White

Made Gigi aware of her pitiful plight.

Cinderella’s fairy godmother got Cindy’s transformation right;

But Gigi’s fairy godmother somehow turned her’s into a fright.

Where once was the smooth, lovely skin of Snow White,

Now crinkled and sagged the skin once tight.

The lush and beautiful locks so much like Beauty’s fair,

Need colored now to resemble pre-Gigi hair.

The ability, as Belle, to charm the Beast in man

Has given way to hot flashes and a fan.

old woman

From Princess to the Ugly Witch,

Gigi transforms without a hitch!

Boo!  Hiss!