Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!!

Popi and Gigi have been working hard on the castle for the grandgirls and grandboy when they all visit.  Kate and Ava, of course, visit often.  After all, they only live a couple of blocks away.  Finally, the big day came:  it was finished and ready for all sorts of characters to move into its welcoming sort-of walls.

trying our the castle

trying out the castle

Rapunzel awaits a tour of the castle while her lady-in-waiting tries out the swing.

climbing the swinging bridge

climbing the swinging bridge

The lady-in-waiting always goes first… unless Rapunzel throws a big, bawling fit.  Then the Queen, Gigi, must step in and tone down the impulsive pushiness of the bigger half of this pretend scenario.

enjoying themselves in the "music room"

enjoying themselves in the “music room”

Kate loves to pretend to be asleep.  Such a shame it’s always pretend.


Rapunzel is just so stinkin’ cute!!



You know, I may have the lady-in-waiting confused with the court jester.

climbing, climbing

climbing, climbing

Aw, yes she is the lady-in-waiting.  My only concern is waiting for what?!?!Rapunzel

Just as I suspected.  Our lady-in-waiting has ulterior motives!  And I’m fairly sure they involve knocking the fair Rapunzel off the bridge.  Run, fair maiden, run!!

in hot pursuit

in hot pursuit

our sweet maiden has made it to the castle tower

our sweet maiden has made it to the castle tower

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!!

Rapunzel A very unusual way to survey the kingdom for any threats to the tower.

IMG_7190The secret escape route in case of danger… which would more than likely come from the lady-in-waiting.Rapunzel

There never is a very ladylike, princessly way to fall off the bottom of the slide.  But coming to Rapunzel’s aid, proving that she is all her name sets forth that she is, is our valiant lady-in-waiting to help the poor little maiden to victory.Rapunzel

Or maybe she’s just showing off the dirty arm.

Anyway… on to Popi’s next project!!   A roof for the deck!Rapunzel








The Sleepover


The grandgirls and I have been having a sleepover tonight.  We have played and played, just like I remember doing when I was little.

First, they played with all their toys, then we went to Burger King to meet Mawmaw Dar.  They played there until no one was left but the two of them, so we finally came on home.  Next on the play agenda was beauty barler (or something like that) where Kate fixed my hair as well as Ava’s.  That Kate knows how to “tetend.”

We played Cinderella; waltzed to the mini keyboard that has some jive canned music (a little hard to waltz on that one), then at the stroke of midnight, Kate ran off, leaving one high heel.  I usually have to be more than one character, so I was also the servant that came checking to see whose dainty little foot would fit the shoe.  She sticks her little foot out, and wala!  It fits.

What dainty foot will fit in this shoe?

As an added surprise I whisked her up and pretended to gallop on my horse to the castle.  Naturally, we had to do that several times (Ava as well).  Kate would hold on to me with one hand and hold her hat with the other.  She would look around as though talking to someone and coyly say, “I don’t know what he’s doing with me.”  It was just hysterical!

From there it went to Sleeping Beauty with Ava being the dragon.  Little Ava did her part well, coming over every now and then and jumping on Beauty or whacking the prince trying to save Beauty.

Mean stepmother is one of Kate’s favorites, and, of course, she gets to be the mean stepmother first.  She’s only mean to me, though.  Ava is exempt.  Kate will put her mean stepmother face on and tell me to do this and do that, then she turns to Ava and goes so overboard on the nicey-nice just in case Ava may have thought Kate was including her in those mean looks and sassy comments.  Ava gets to go with mean stepmother while I have to sit in the dark bedroom and can’t get up.  She checks back occasionally to see if I’m minding her… sometimes I do. 

I kind of like lying there on the bed in the quiet, nursing my back.