While I Was Going Through My Pictures…

A very young Ava

Feline Ava

I wish I had put a beer in Ava’s hand.  This is just the ultimate look-alike pics.

Woody Allen on sex

What can I say?  I live alone.

goth hippie

One of my favorite facebook steals.  I have never been Goth, but I have been in the hippie,  gypsy,  suit,  jogging-pants mom, Southwest/Spanish modes… just to name a few.   It was always a surprise –even to me– (and still is) what kind of season of life or flavor of life I would be in from year to year.  So I keep all my costumes wearing apparel just in case.  One never knows when the big jingle jewelry or the long, flowing skirts will be needed.

My favorite quote of all time.

The days that are tough; the weeks that are looooong; the years that are distraught, never give up.  Over and over again I am given that message… and I will give it over and over again.

Get your pictures out and take a slow stroll through them.

Quacky Halloween

Kate and Ava in the duck towel

My little munchkins after their bath, loving up on each other for the Quacky Halloween post (actually they were just wanting pics made).  They love to get in a towel and have me take their pictures.  This one is the duck towel.

I always can’t resist saying, “Oh, you guys are so cute,” which prompts Kate to tell me to take their picture.  And Ava loves it too.  She does everything Kate tells her for the posing.

It’s all about Halloween here right now.  I was going to take pics of my yard, but didn’t make it home in time.  Those are coming tomorrow.

Have you sent me your pics for the contest yet?  🙂