Those Wonderful Waves

The waves washing up on the shore sound like heavy rain, and with the veranda doors open, it feels damp.  But the doors will stay open for awhile so we can continue to hear the waves crashing against the earth, hear them roll up and then away.  I want to be able to dream this sound when I go home.  Soothing.

The sun was just right today as I lay sleeping on the lounge chair by the pool.  We had walked up the white, soft sand toward the pier, and now we were back, having taken a dip in the pool, and, tired, lying on the chair, the sun on our backs, our eyes closed, sleep just engulfs us.

I think I could retire.


Maddy’s Blog Night

stain in bathtub... sketchy

Maddy and Rosemary and I have safely made it to the Spring Break Haven… a sketchy motel that looks like someone died in the bathtub.  No, really.  There’s a STAIN in the bathtub.

Three girls going on vacation together, in one car equals a lot of crap

So now Maddy and I are looking for header photos (since we haven’t gotten to the beach YET!) and have found one to put on here until I can get my own shots (no, not tequila) tomorrow.

The boy...cuties 🙂

And… we are looking at Matt’s  facebook photos (the boyfriend).  He is at Hooter’s having a

helluva good time.  We think.  And so are we… in the sketchy motel room with the ghost of the person that was murdered in the bathroom.  No, really.  There is a GHOST in here.  We’re pretty sure.

Anyway, Maddy and I have been commenting on Matt’s facebook photos.  Um, uh, I do not believe I shall comment on Matt’s facebook photos on this blog.

Maddy comes running out of the bathroom, screaming, “There’s a freaking ghost in the shower with me.”

The saga continues tomorrow…