The Potential Nudists

Sorry, folks, no pics on this post.  I have plenty of them, but they are X-rated.  My grandgirls are practicing for their future in the nudist colony.

It began with Kate.  She abhors clothes of any kind and sheds them the minute she opens the door to come inside.  And truth be told, if you look at my house or her house on any given summer day, you will probably see a full moon on that bright sunny day making it’s way around the yard.  She has no inhibitions whatsoever and thinks nothing of running all over the place “nekkid.”

So now Ava is following in her footsteps.  The minute they both set foot inside my kitchen door they begin stripping and are bare before they walk into the living room.  Amazing!  I am trying to teach them that nobody wants to see their buhiney, but Kate says that, in fact, they do.  A statement made purely out of the desire to remain unclothed.

I have to admit… I would do the same thing if it didn’t make me wonder who that old saggy, baggy woman was every time I pass the mirror.