The $15 Cupcake

this is a jewelry box?

At 1900 Park Fare I had ordered a “personalized” cupcake that came with a small jewelry box for the big finale on Kate’s birthday.  1900 Park Fare is a buffet restaurant in the Grand Floridian which is a very snazzy resort hotel, on the old grand hotels of yesteryear scale.  They have the characters Prince Charming, Princess Cinderella, the mean stepmother, and the two stepsisters.  It was a full crowd that evening, but no more full than the castle restaurant had been earlier that day.  I was expecting the same kind of treatment.

So when it was time for dessert, here comes the waitress with Kate’s “personalized” cake and jewelry box.  Say what?!?!  The waitress hands her the Mickey plate and says, “here you go.”  That’s it?  Where’s the fanfare?  Where’s the happy birthday song?  Not even a happy birthday said to her?

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed in the presentation as well as the “jewelry” box.  I knew the cake was going to be an oversized cupcake, so that wasn’t surprising, but the pink, plastic treasure box was a bit of a shocker.  Shoot.  I didn’t even have to buy an extra cupcake at the castle.  Just goes to show you that royalty knows how to put on a shindig.

Kate, however, was pleased as punch.

checking out her treasures

Not only was she pleased, but when she heard me later dissing it, she was rather upset with me and sternly reprimanded me.  So I’ve been careful to bad mouth them and it out of her presence.  Why can’t I just be happy, like Kate is?  Even if they didn’t have some hoopla, she was thrilled with her little cake and jewelry/treasure box.

planning the extraction

she has a plan


Houston, we have lift-off.

AND it's out!

Since we had had a big lunch, I don’t think she was all that hungry and enjoyed cutting it up into pieces more than eating it.  It wasn’t even all that good.  I tasted it (gotta get my money’s worth, don’t you know) and it was a little dry.  Kate was probably full of cupcake; it was more fun cutting it up and playing in it.

Such fun!!

She loved all the characters that were there.  I thought they might make a bigger fuss over her since it was her birthday, and there weren’t that many little ones there that evening, or not the way I remember it anyway, but they didn’t.  One of the mean stepsisters told her she was glad she didn’t have on a Cinderella dress, and Kate wanted to know why she said that.  Innocence.

Kate and Drizella

Kate, Ava, and Anastasia

I loved their costumes and make-up!

the mean stepmother telling Kate to eat all her food

Kate was loving being beside Prince Charming. Ava? Who knows what she's thinking.















So we ended our big birthday celebration with a bang.  Kate and Momma went back to the Magic Kingdom and stayed till after the fireworks, getting back to the room around 11:00.

Of course, we’ll have to do this again on Ava’s 5th… or 10th… birthday so they can actually remember going to Disney.

"Yeah, yeah, you seen one princess, you've seen them all!"


The Sleepover


The grandgirls and I have been having a sleepover tonight.  We have played and played, just like I remember doing when I was little.

First, they played with all their toys, then we went to Burger King to meet Mawmaw Dar.  They played there until no one was left but the two of them, so we finally came on home.  Next on the play agenda was beauty barler (or something like that) where Kate fixed my hair as well as Ava’s.  That Kate knows how to “tetend.”

We played Cinderella; waltzed to the mini keyboard that has some jive canned music (a little hard to waltz on that one), then at the stroke of midnight, Kate ran off, leaving one high heel.  I usually have to be more than one character, so I was also the servant that came checking to see whose dainty little foot would fit the shoe.  She sticks her little foot out, and wala!  It fits.

What dainty foot will fit in this shoe?

As an added surprise I whisked her up and pretended to gallop on my horse to the castle.  Naturally, we had to do that several times (Ava as well).  Kate would hold on to me with one hand and hold her hat with the other.  She would look around as though talking to someone and coyly say, “I don’t know what he’s doing with me.”  It was just hysterical!

From there it went to Sleeping Beauty with Ava being the dragon.  Little Ava did her part well, coming over every now and then and jumping on Beauty or whacking the prince trying to save Beauty.

Mean stepmother is one of Kate’s favorites, and, of course, she gets to be the mean stepmother first.  She’s only mean to me, though.  Ava is exempt.  Kate will put her mean stepmother face on and tell me to do this and do that, then she turns to Ava and goes so overboard on the nicey-nice just in case Ava may have thought Kate was including her in those mean looks and sassy comments.  Ava gets to go with mean stepmother while I have to sit in the dark bedroom and can’t get up.  She checks back occasionally to see if I’m minding her… sometimes I do. 

I kind of like lying there on the bed in the quiet, nursing my back.