A Loving Story

TheLovingStoryPoster: to debut February 14

Back in January, right after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, this story popped up on Yahoo.  It was perfect for my February month of love stories.  What a perfect way to start out my month of love!  With the Lovings!

This month I will be featuring love stories that are personal in nature as well as notorious, such as the story of the “Lovings“.  If you click on the link, you can get the full details, much more than I am giving you here, and by the proper source.  It’s most interesting.

These two young people fell in love back in 1958 and traveled to Washington D. C. to get married because it was illegal in Virginia.  When they returned home to their native state, after only five weeks of marital bliss, the police barged into their home in the middle of the night (that was when we didn’t lock our doors… EVER) and arrested them (after they woke them up by shining a bright flashlight in their faces and asking them why they were in bed together).

I remember a similar love story here in my home town right around that time, perhaps in the early 60s.  One of the young girls here fell in love with an African-American and married him.  It was a huge scandal.  Everyone talked about it at the supper table; everyone was shocked.

Hmmm.  Reminds me of the scandal I created when my late husband and I were dating and eventually married; he being much younger than I; he being a “wild thang”; me, not so much.

She and her husband lived in another town, so we didn’t see them often.  They now have beautiful, grown children and are still married.  I love that love story.

Looking for Lovers

The symbol of love

Next month I want to write about great loves.  I already have a few, but I would like one for every day.  Would you like to share some pics and your story with me?  Or do you have a couple who immediately comes to mind?  I want all kinds of great love stories.  Not just those that fit in the square box.

Send me an email at:  aprons_appetites@yahoo.com.

In Need of the Pied Piper’s Flute

toddler blog

My little baby blog is quickly turning into a toddler.  It is just so cute!  I love this little thing.  Just your typical blog mommy, bragging on my little creation.  Loving the header shots, loving my witty widgets (those things on the right-hand side), and loving the whole blog experience from the give-aways to checking my stats every day (well, maybe every other day now).  It’s been a great outlet for my less-than-creative creativity and a success as in actually blogging when I said I was going to do just that.

Out of the hundreds, okay, maybe scores of ideas/goals/projects I start on a regular basis, this is one I can say I have accomplished just because I have actually blogged.  Notice I did not say blogged well or blogged anything interesting or even blogged useful information.  Actually, I am fairly certain my groupies (I just had to say that) or followers, those wonderful people who have clicked somewhere on my page and professed a desire to follow along with my blog via email or some kind of RSS such as Google or Yahoo may have done so on a whim and may have never come back for a second or third glance.  Please don’t tell me if that’s what you did!

But I want my little darling to get up and run.  I realize this will take some effort on my part (which I haven’t been exerting as of late), and I also think it will take a little magic (since I’m really not that interesting and have limited skills).

Pied Piper and his flute

So I’m looking for a flute, a proverbial flute, one like Mr. Piper had when all the children followed him.  Something fun and exciting and read-worthy.  Something that will make the Pressers at WordPress notice and put me on their Freshly Pressed page.  Hmmmm.

Love stories for February perhaps?  With pictures included?  Vacation in Southern Illinois with pics of places to stay and things to do?  Homes I’ve lived in before?  People I’ve dated?  People you’ve dated?

I’ll keep working on this Pied Piper plan.  In the meantime, keep holding my little blog’s hand while it toddles along.  We so appreciate it!