Don’t Teach Your Children To Go To Church

Don't TeachLately, I’ve been thinking a lot about church attendance:  why people go or don’t go to church.

It dawned on me this past Sunday, as I listened to our pastor preach about John the Baptist, what the answer was.  He talked about the way John the Baptist lived, eating locusts and honey and wearing rough clothing because all he cared about was bringing the message that God had ordained him to bring to the world.  He cared for nothing but the job set out for him.  His love and focus was to do that job well because he loved the God who had called him to do it.

And that, my friends, is why we steadfastly attend church.  Unless, of course, you are a Sadducee or a Pharisee.  If that is the case, then you are attending church to be seen and let all your “good” works be known to the world, whether your world is large or small.

But for the Johns (hmmm)(I should rephrase that)… but for those John the Baptist church attendees (much better), it is because you love love love God and cannot stay away from the place Jesus brought into being, the church.  He went every week, and so that is what we want to do.  He set the example, and so we want to follow that example.  He is our focus, our engine, our sheep herder.  He is the reason we love to go to church.

So don’t teach your children to go to church because they will quit going to this social place their parents seem to like.  Teach them Jesus.

Because once you fall in real love with Him, you never want to leave.  Because once you learn who Jesus is, you want to be closer and closer.  Because once you really understand what it all means, you will always have it in your heart and soul and mind.

Nehemiah 8:8

They read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people understood what was being read.


What is going on around here?  First we have a major flood, and now we have this army of locusts invading our land.  They are eating everything in sight!

my once beautiful rose bushes

I have been on the internet to find out how to kill them, but the only apparent safe way is to stomp them or hit them with a board, which is my plan of action, both things.

making their way to my rose bushes and other flowers

Insecticides aren’t an option because the birds are having a heyday with them as are the squirrels and even spiders.  The locusts must be delicious.  I had been noticing the squirrels digging in the ground and eating away where nothing to eat should be, couldn’t figure out what was going on with them.  Then the birds have been eating something as big as their heads.  Today I see what it is.

What kind of spider is this?

Today… I am so very mad at Adam and Eve for screwing up Paradise and opening up Pandora’s Box of sin with all the consequences that go with that sin… from now until the end of time.

The nasty, red-eyed, evil looking things are EVERYWHERE!