When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

… a quilter.

Those handmade quilts with the beautiful designs in them are awesome pieces of artwork.  I have some that are probably 100 years old.  And I love them!

Which is why I want to quilt.  Which is why I want to be just like these ladies.

hard at quilting

a quilt like mine

… a horticulturist.

When I become a horticulturist, I will know every plant by its Latin name.

cannabis sativa or cannabis indica

cannabis sativa or cannabis indica

See?  I have already learned there is a difference in the cannabis plant.

I can't even say it's name!!

I can’t even say it’s name!!

EEEEEEEEEK!!!  How did that thing get in this blog?  Am I going to have to deal with those to be a horticulturist?

The real story of my horticulture endeavor shall be growing plants that will have color names because I can’t even remember the common name for them; thus, I will have blues and yellows in my gardens.  Perhaps chartreuse or salmon or — well, the list is rather lengthy.  

my kind of plants

my kind of plant

… a traveler!

traveling down life's highway

traveling down life’s highway

From east to west in our little home on wheels (when we get it) we shall travel the country, meeting people and making friends, seeing all the sights, living in warm weather when it’s freezing-your-butt-off temperatures at home.

The plan is to have a little more horsepower than this RV with perhaps an added amenity or two or three.  Plusher pleasure is my goal.


… an actor at Universal!

Darla at Universal

Darla at Universal

Yes.  This is the plan for my sis and I.  We are going to drag our husbands down to Florida in the winter months so that she and I can work at Universal.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

… a sleeper.

(Yawn.)  A goal that’s been a lifelong goal is to sleep at night.  To just go to bed, lay  my head on the pillow, and start snoring.  I’ve seen people do this, and I’ve heard it’s quite common; however, my dear father passed the no-sleeping gene down to me. (Thanks, Dad.)

But while I wait to grow into that, I’m going to count all the things I have grown up to do so far.  Sort of like counting sheep.

garden… scrapbook… play piano…….. (yawn)……. bake… cook………(yawn)………….paint/maintain pools…..wire houses…………(yawn)(yawn)….nap in the car…………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


IMG_6754It’s Steve’s fault I am down here in the basement reading my favorite blogs:  putting my name in the running for a really cool pair of cowboy boots on the Pioneer Woman’s blog, catching up on little EK from Chronicles of a  Rocket Surgeon, salivating all over my computer at the cookies and pies Pink Martinis has been making, finding out new stuff and different opinions.  After seeing all the catchy titles, I’m now thinking I should change the name of my little effort at a blog.  Hmmmmmm.

All this thinking this late at night is Steve’s fault!!  He let me lie there this evening after supper in that big cushioned recliner all snuggled up next to him, warm and cozy, and sleep!  Probably for two hours.  He knows I can’t sleep if I do that.

Yep.  His fault.

A Night With An Insomniac

Tonight is another sleep-disrupted night.

eyes wide open

I can’t decide if that’s any better than a completely sleepless night or not.  Since the chocolate ice cream is all gone, I decided to come in the office and tell you guys about insomnia instead.  A sort of walk-in-my-shoes type blog.

The evening starts out okay.  I’m all tired out, ready for bed, thinking tonight I will really get right to sleep.  (I have a lot of restless nights, so always happy when I think a good, restful evening is around the bend.)  My eyes are all droopy; I’m barely dragging.  Yippee!  Bring on the soft bed with the cool, clean sheets.

What time is it now?

Once in bed I squirm around and get all comfy… and that’s when it happens.  Just like my dad used to say (he had the same problem) “I go to bed, and my eyes pop open.”  No matter how tired I am, sleep eludes me.

Now, comes the I-am-not-getting-up stage which includes more tossing and turning, forcing my eyes to stay closed, and the leg moving.  My dad had that, too.  When we were staying the nights with him right before he passed away, you could hear him hitting his leg against the wall.  It’s awful!!  My body will not lie still.


As hard as I try to lie still, within three second I have to move my legs.  Drives me nuts! (I wonder if that’s why I’m so odd? hmmm)

Next is “the-magazines-say-not-to-lie-in-bed-if-you-can’t-sleep” stage.  Okay.  So I get up and look for ice cream.  I have all kinds just for these insomnia evenings: chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry, cherry garcia, vanilla bean, drumsticks, popsicles.

ice cream

Oh, I could go on and on.  If I don’t start sleeping better soon, I’m going to have to buy new clothes!

And since it’s boring to just sit and eat ice cream, I come into the office and play games or get on Facebook or Yahoo or write a blog.  I’m not at all sure insomnia blogs make any sense because I can get really loopy on these evenings.  (Did I mention I love ice cream?)

Some nights I get to the point of exhaustion fairly quickly and actually fall asleep… only to jerk awake.  What is with that???  That is just so unfair.  Even when I do get to sleep, I wake myself up!!  Geez Louise!  Can I get a “Give the girl a break for crying out loud!”?

If all else fails — the flailing around for hours and wearing myself completely out of energy that I eventually fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning or diverting my attention away from the stress of trying to sleep by eating delicious ice cream and getting on the computer or sleeping in a different spot like the couch — then out come the big guns.  I’m talking meds.


I’ve tried several, some prescription and some over the counter, but good old Valium works the best.  I can even break it in half (I am definitely not a heavy weight) and it will relax me just enough to fall asleep and sleep the rest of the night without jerking awake every 30 minutes.

Now, you say, then why don’t you just take one as you go to bed.  Well, I just don’t like to take meds.  I like to be as natural as possible.

counting sheep

So in the quest for natural sedatives, I’ve read all sorts of magazine articles and looked up insomnia on the internet in order to try remedies that may help without the aid of meds.

And some of them really do work.  I actually love yoga but have let it go by the wayside for the past couple of years.  It helps the body overall more than any other exercise that I’ve tried.

Yoga moves to beat insomnia

Walking is also a good boost for a good night’s sleep.  Walking in the evening seems to quiet the legs, calms the muscles somehow to let the legs actually rest.  One would think that walking of the evening would cause a person to be pumped up and ready for action instead of ready to sleep, but for those of us who suffer with insomnia, evening exercise does the opposite.

massage to relieve insomnia


It is always better to have someone else to give you a good massage; however, if you’re like me, you are the one and only and have to do it all yourself.  Here are a few massage techniques that have helped me on occasion, along with the big, noisy ball vibrator that weighs a ton. (This is a clean blog; get your mind out of the gutter!)  I have fallen asleep with that thing lying across my back, the roaring sound just kind of lulls me off to sleep, but it will tear my hair out and pinch like crazy if I’m not careful.  Needless to say, that only comes out of the closet if I am having a lot of muscle pain with the insomnia (which is probably why I have the insomnia on those nights.)  Sigh.

complications of insomnia

Shoot!!  I have all these symptoms!  I am soooo complicated!  Alas.

My Grumpy Day

The day started out with oversleeping.  Not much, just enough to get me rushing a little.  Then I found out the city had turned off my gas because I paid it late.  After I had called to get an appointment with the P.A. to have my shoulder checked out, I fell asleep again and missed it by 15 minutes (would have been 30 by the time I got there).  The young lady said she would have to charge me for a missed appointment.

So I have been pretty grumpy all day.  The shoulder I injured in the pool fall has been killing me; I keep forgetting to call my occupational therapist nephew who graciously offered to help me for free; every night I fight with sleep.  Me: tossing and turning, getting up to pee, getting up to do something on computer, tossing and turning until, I suppose, I finally wear myself out in the wee hours of the morning.  Must be how babies feel… only I want to go to sleep.

Then the turning my gas off because I was two weeks late on my $10 gas bill just irks me.  Somebody else had a bill of $7, I believe; well, $7 plus 75 now.  Since I only use gas to cook with, the charge in the summer (heat the garage about a month in the winter) is meter rent usually, so I pay two or three months at a time; write one check.  Now my little town has decided everyone of the 3- or 400 patrons must pay by a certain date or off with your gas!  And to do the rehook-up is $75.

In the old days (last couple of months ago) the guy that reads the meters (who has caused part of this problem) could leave a note on your door or tell you to pay up or you would get shut off, or the keeper of the bill records would perhaps send a notice.  No longer: postage was too expensive I was told.  And the meter reader could not give you verbal notice either, just get paid his hourly rate to turn off your gas and then come back and turn it on again… that is, if you paid your $75 fee and your bill plus, I’m assuming, the late charge.  Hmmmm.  Five minutes versus 50+ minutes.  Sounds like the stamp would be cheaper.

I wouldn’t have minded paying my bill two or three months ahead instead of behind; wish I had thought of it or someone had suggested it to me.  Oh, I’ve been late paying it.  Sometimes I would wait to get the water bill and pay them both together, making me late on the $10 gas bill.  Sometimes I carry the stupid thing in my purse with the check I wrote out a week ago until I’m late.  The powers that be should be happy about that:  I’m paying late fees, too.  Nothing like the $75 dollar fee to hook my gas back up though.

Now… I’m just getting a propane tank.  I refuse to pay the $75.