Georgia on Our Minds

Thursday is Savannah day.  We go into Savannah at least once on our trip to Hilton Head, and this year it is Thursday.  So that means Thursday is the day we eat at Mrs. Wilkes\’ Dining Room.  We will wait in line for about an hour, telling all the newbies how it is done since we are pros at it now, how they can get a drink from the cooler Mrs. Wilkes sends out for the hot patrons waiting to sit at her table for collard greens and fried chicken and at least ten other dishes not counting the meat loaf and beef stew.  I am salivating even now.

Then we will meander on down to River Street for one of those big apples covered in caramel and chocolate and nuts or up to City Market to see what kind of goodies they have there.

River Street

We know it will be hot because, after all, it is Georgia in the summertime.  But it will be so worth it.