Ah the Breeze of Relief

Several years ago I wrote a poem on a hot, sticky, summer night.  As I sat on the small, screened-in porch, the cool wind began to blow, just as it has done today, and I penned these thoughts.

THE BREEZE by Brenda Byasse

Oh, there it comes!
I feel it now.
I can even smell the changes it has wrought.
From the heated, sticky heaviness
To the first whisper of relief,
I feel it now.
And the coolness it has brought.

The trees begin their dancing,
The bushes jump around;
The leaves can’t help but falling
Laughing to the ground.
As I myself am giddy
From earth’s long-awaited breath,
I rejoice with all creation:
Joy flows from my soul’s depth.

It speaks as it caresses,
My legs, my hair, my face,
And brings with it the treasure
From a cooler, distant place.

I feel it now.