My Dad and His Brothers, the Hunks

Granny Rhodie and boys

I always thought my dad was the most handsome man in the world.  He had a gregarious personality and could talk to a light pole and charm it out of electricity.  If he couldn’t do that, he would trade it for something in return for a generous amount.

His brothers were the same.  There were four boys born to Virgil and Rhoda, handsome boys who knew how to make a buck, hard-working, personable.  In the picture above are three of those boys:  from the left is Harry, Larry, Granny, and my dad, Churnie.  His name was actually Laverne but he couldn’t say that.  He would say Lachurn, so that stuck, and he became Churnie forevermore.

The fourth brother, called Bub since he was second in line, my dad being first, the little bubby or little brother, moved off to Kentucky, but the others lived and died here in Southern Illinois where they were born, raised, married, and had businesses.

My dad owned and operated a small grocery store, one of those businesses people call a “Mom and Pop” store now.  His parents, as can be seen in the above photo, also ran a grocery store.  He should have gone to Hollywood.  All of them.

Those boys were the heart throbs of Hardin County… plus several other counties would be my guess.  And I can’t help but think they would have been in L.A. as well.

Move over, Duke.