Come Eeeeeen… And Geeeve Me Your Blooood


That hat looked much cuter in the store.  And in all honesty, I am much cuter than this picture depicts.  Normally, my bosoms are high and firm (no, I am not lying about that), not almost to my waist as it looks like in this picture.  And that saggy,  pudgy elbow sticking out is not mine.  I do not know where that came from.  You may have to click on the pic to get a closer view of my vampire teeth.  They are so awesome!!!  I am wearing them to work in the morning.

All the little munchkins started coming around 6:00 this evening.  Here are my first ones:

the dude looks like a lady!

Oops!  That’s Nate.  He helped hand out whistles, play-doh, tattoos, booger pickers a/k/a monster fingers, glow sticks, spider rings,  freshly cut hands a/k/a latex gloves with a little air with some surprises inside, and caramel nut chocolate apples.  I would estimate we had around 200.  There were 140 small play-dohs, and we handed out those till they were gone, along with two or three other items.  After that we started on all the other things until I got down to just spider rings and a few glow sticks.  It was a fun-filled, packed neighborhood this evening.

My first guests to arrive:

A beautiful princess and a super hero

Next came this little cutie below.


Most of the evening I spent here in these chairs or up walking around filling bags and talking to the kids.  They all love the whistles.  I love hearing them blow them all over the neighborhood.  A little whistle band.

Gigi the Vampire

My little Kate was Pocahontas, and Ava was the cutest flower petal you’ve ever seen.  I moved them around the yard trying to get a good photo of them.  If you’ve looked at some of my attempts to photograph them before, then you won’t be surprised at these.

"No, over here, Sissy."

Kate thinks she is the boss of Ava.  I don’t know why she should think she is the boss of anybody; she is always telling me, “You’re not the boss of me.”  So I guess that only works one way:  Kate is boss of everybody.

We kept after it until we finally sort of got a pretty good picture.

Flower Petal and Pocahontas

um, pretty close

Hold it! Hold it! Click

A happy time was had by all.  A tired Gigi had a ball.

Hope your Halloween was spooktacular as well!

Some Funky Halloween Costumes I’ve Seen

There have been some pretty wild and wacky Halloween costumes that I have been witness to over the years, and thought I would recall some of them for you.  One of the best ones was a ticking pillow.  For city folk, ticking is the blue and white stripe material used to make pillows, then stuff them with feathers.  Now a days it would be foam or the packaged white, fluffy stuff (what is the name of that?).  I was in high school, and my church was having their annual Halloween party.  One of my friends, Gail Addison, came as a ticking pillow, a body pillow.  She couldn’t see anything.  Her parents had brought her in and stood her up.  Of course, no one could guess who she was.

When the party wound down, some of us got in the car and headed off to do what all good church-going teenagers do:  soap windows… or trick or treat at friends’ houses, whichever struck our fancy.  But instead we got the bright idea to tell Gail that we were at somebody’s house, taking her up to the door, and instead dropped her out up town.  I have to tell you that looked pretty funny: a big body-size ticking pillow walking around.  We finally got worried she would fall off the curb and into oncoming traffic, so we picked her back up.  True friends.

The year 2009 when the swine flu was so rampant, I saw a couple dressed up as the H1N1 virus.  Had little balls all over them with a pig nose.  It was original and really neat.

And then there was the farmer with his sheep.  ‘Nuff said.

I have to tell you the flasher was hilarious.  He had a long trench coat on and would “flash” us.  Quite a surprise package he was flashing around.  Had something to do with a lady’s hose if I remember correctly.

Anybody got any unusual Halloween sightings?