Lightening My Mood

Ava and Gigi

I love this little pudgy thing… and she loves that little wrinkly thing beside her.  We have great fun.  And all I have to do is look at this picture to be filled with that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Maddy and me

This is another picture that brings me joy.  I have the most beautiful niece, inside and out.  She had some fantastic pictures made, but I can’t put them on here yet.  Just wait!!

Kate, the princess, all tied up

Kate is the Queen of Pretend.  She has taught her little sister all the idiosyncrasies of great pretend play.  I can only imagine what a great actress she would be.

Maci... growing up

Maci, aka the Screamer, is growing up waaaay too fast.  She had enough hair to braid when she was born, and now it is way down her back.  Even though we tease about her bossiness and her, um, loudness, she gets it from her father as did Owen.  (He outgrew it and we think she will, too.)

Owen and his new bike

Owen is such a treat.  He is growing up into the sweetest, most thoughtful little guy.  Except, of course, when he is terrorizing his sister, Maci.

Henry and Charlotte Ann... with Momma

And these two full-of-energy pumpkins are the friendliest little boogers around.  Henry would probably have tried to ride alone if Momma would let him.  They are both independent!

Jack and Sam Christmas 2011

Last, but no where least, are these two hunks of burning love or energy or mischief.  They are the great explorers, always gifted with super powers if the need arises, always finding some great treasure.

And they are all my great treasures.  I have to do no more than peruse their pictures to have sweet thoughts and memories come flooding in and washing away any downcast moments.

I so love these guys and gals.

Past the Princess Stage

Not so deep, and rather silly, thoughts by a Gigi playing princess with two little princesses on the sleepover:

Once upon a time, there was a Gigi past her prime.


Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Snow White

Made Gigi aware of her pitiful plight.

Cinderella’s fairy godmother got Cindy’s transformation right;

But Gigi’s fairy godmother somehow turned her’s into a fright.

Where once was the smooth, lovely skin of Snow White,

Now crinkled and sagged the skin once tight.

The lush and beautiful locks so much like Beauty’s fair,

Need colored now to resemble pre-Gigi hair.

The ability, as Belle, to charm the Beast in man

Has given way to hot flashes and a fan.

old woman

From Princess to the Ugly Witch,

Gigi transforms without a hitch!

Boo!  Hiss!