Recipes or Renovations?

Woohoo!!  I just got through washing my brand spanking new white plates and bowls.  You know what this means.  Now that I’ve proven my expertise with the mice recipe, it’s time to move on to bigger and better rodents… or dishes.  Especially since I have the dishes for the dishes.  Oh, that tastes good in my mouth, rolling off my tongue; got the dishes for the dishes.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about, girlfriends.  And boyfriends?  Are there any guys out there?

I love dishes:  the real china, ceramic, stoneware, plastic, crystal, silver, old, new, and if truth be told, even paper dishes.  Some of those paper things are just nice, now.   After working all day, come in and get something frozen from the freezer, throw it on a paper plate, and slap it into the microwave.  Pure beauty.  Even prettier when you throw away the paper plate and plastic fork.

But basically, and most often, I love to eat off of the kind of dishes that need washing.  Wish there was a dishwasher besides yours truly here.  I hate washing dishes.  Epiphany!!!  That’s what has taken me so long to start cooking those wonderful recipes I’ve been saving for decades.  A dishwasher is definitely a future prospective purchase, although it would have to be a smaller-than-normal size and would take up a lot of my limited cabinet space.

But, really, to get the most benefit from a dishwasher it needs to be a regular-sized one.  Wouldn’t you think?  My home is small,  so the new regular-size dishwasher would mean the kitchen would need to be enlarged.  After all, I do need the cabinet space if I’m going to be cooking all this food and having people over to eat it.

Alas!  This could mean I’ll have to postpone my cooking for another decade or two in order to plan my renovations!