Picking Pumpkins and Putting them Places

Every year when autumn rolls around, I get sad.  My favorite time of the year, Sweet Summer, is dying off, giving way to Autumn, the harbinger of Winter.  boohoo boohoo 

It’s just that I soooo love Summer: being outdoors, running around practically naked (all I can say is Avert Your Eyes), swimming, garden foods, running around practically naked (or as in Kate’s and Ava’s case: naked), vacation, the list goes on and on.

So in order to keep from getting too down in the dumps, I pick out pumpkins and either make Jack-O-Lanterns or just put them all over the place for fall decorations.  In the case of this year (so far) I have just put them all over the place.  And thought I would share.

It’s Autumn… Fall of the Year

See the leaves?  They’re falling, you know.

There is the neatest little outdoor pumpkin patch where I got all the gourds and pumpkins.  The man who runs it picks all these and puts them on a trailer with a roof, parks it, and I get to choose from the portable pumpkin patch which ones I want:  $3 for the big, big ones and 3 for $5 for the gourds or small pumpkins.  He has a money box on the end of the trailer and trusts people to pay for what they get.  Unbelievable in today’s world!