My Momma

This is my Momma with her first husband back around 1940.

She was a looker!!  But so was he.  She was about 20 or so.  Young and naive.  Mom said he could dance!  And apparently he liked to dance with lots of women because Mom and he weren’t married very long before he started looking for new dance partners.  They had a daughter together, my older sister.

Momma didn’t like to talk too much about her life really.  And I’ve learned that a lot of people from that era don’t.  Just let it go, I guess.  They were too busy trying to live life to hang on to memories.

And this is my momma with her second husband, my dad.  Personally, I think my momma could really pick ’em… at least in looks.

This picture was in 1952.  My older sister, Tish, is sitting on the arm of the chair and Mom on the other holding the cutest baby ever lived.  I was told I had the colic, though, and was just not a happy baby for a few months.  Not until they started feeding me that Karo syrup concoction.  I think it was with Milnot.  Can’t remember now just what Mom told me it was made from, but I blame that on my desire for sweets now.

On Dad’s lap is my older brother, Benny, who just had a birthday this past week.  This is Ben at his party.

Since this has already been posted to the infamous Facebook and since he has already called me and told me no more picture-taking at his house, I assumed I must get the most out of the pics I have already taken.  Therefore, the obligatory picture post here.  Yes, life is good.  Some people say Ben looks like Dad and others say he looks like Mom.  Genes.  Hmmmm  He acts like Mom for sure!!!

The pics on the little end table are of my cousins:  Jerry on the top who died in a motorcycle accident, Uncle Clifford’s only child; my sis on the second shelf; Ronnie on the bottom, the son of Aunt Louise.  They were all three the first-born of the siblings.

I’m loving swimming around in this gene pool of pictures.  Hope you are at least enjoying it as well.