Princess in Prison

Halloween has come and gone once again, and I finally found my prince to set me free… at the end of about 300 guests or so.

Princess in Prison

The spooky spider web with the spooky spiders were all over the front of the house prison with the evil witch’s broom standing there ready for her to jump on and fly.  The bones of the poor deceased knights who had previously tried to save me were strewn across the yard.  And the wicked witch had changed herself into a broom!  Whenever an unsuspecting person walked by or touched it, she would laugh hysterically and move all over the place!  Just horrific!

My train is soooo long!  And my ring is shining because of the witch’s spell!

All evening I looked and looked for my prince.  Any suitor was not culled and told to ignore the bones of the previous knights; that surely the prospective suitor would be able to save me!

I just knew some of these superheros or ninjas or zombies could save me.  When I asked them if they would save me from the evil witch’s prison, they would look torn as if they just weren’t quite sure what to do, but the weight of their candy-filled pumpkins and the knowledge that more treats were out there eventually won them over, and they left me in the clutches of the evil witch in the form of a broom.  Alas.

Not all the names are known of these mighty warriors, but all did stop long enough in their trick-or-treat escapades to let me photograph them.

Finally!!  One of the mighty warriors relented and said they would save me!

Whom shall I choose as my knight in shining armor?

It’s Time To Start Voting!

Frankenstein Cookie Jar

It’s time!  Time to begin voting on your favorite Halloween costume!

The winning picture gets the cookie jar.  It’s so cool.  The candy corn are salt and pepper shakers.  Thanks so much to those of you who went to all the trouble of getting me photos or emailing them.  Keep checking back this week because I have a couple more to put on.  You can vote as often as you want.

He is just too adorable! From Cracker Barrel!

Since I love all of Cracker Barrel’s Halloween merchandise, I stopped by there on my way home from physical therapy (remember the fall in the pool?), and this is what caught my eye.  My photos aren’t very professional-looking or even well-taken, just hurriedly done so I could get them on the post.  But I think you can tell enough about it.  I can’t wait for the winner to receive it… just in time for Halloween treats.

Each picture has a number on it.  At the bottom of the contest post (click on pumpkin, top right) you will see a place to leave a comment.  It’s easy; just follow the directions.   All of you who vote will get your names in the pot for a Halloween treat as well.  The random winner out of the voters will receive this:

a fun spatula and kitchen towel

I hope you have enjoyed, my faithful few, perusing the Halloween collection of pictures.  The prizes will be awarded on Monday morning so I can get them to the winners for Halloween.

Thanks for playing along, my little playmates and Halloween lovers.