The Messy Desk

mine isn't quite this bad

Now this is pretty messy.  I only have one coke bottle, one water bottle, and a couple of glasses in the drink category.  The food is over the top as well.  There is no food at my desk… just the empty plates.  I show you these because that is another goal for this year: get my office in a work-friendly status.  It doesn’t help that it’s also the playroom with Kate and Ava’s toys and dress-ups in here.  So not only is my desk covered… the floor is too.

My desk looks more like this:

how do these papers multiply so fast?

I suppose those ten years worth of magazines may be part of the problem although I do have them whittled down to just one box now.  Y’all are gonna be very surprised when I start putting all those delicious meals and recipes on here.  Do I hear a faint “Promises, promises”?  Then there are all these other papers upon which I simply can’t even begin to elaborate.  Bert says I need a dumpster… and she was very serious.

By the end of the year this will be my office and desk:

I can't wait!

Old books:  tossed.

Useless papers:  tossed

Toys:  sorted and tossed

Bills:  tossed… oops, filed in the order to be paid because they will shut my water off if I am late in paying it.  And add a $75 fee to turn it back on.

When the metamorphosis is complete, I shall have an office open house.  Do not bring useless gifts; cash will suffice.