I think my little Bobo has feline leukemia.  He went to the vet today, and had a test.  Won’t get the results till Monday.  He’s been hanging out here ever since 1998 or 1999.

getting chased... again

Poor kitty.  He has been chased by every little tyke that comes around.  He usually wins… unless he’s feeling the need for some tail pulling.  (Ignore messy deck.)

I have some good pictures of my little man, but I’m just too tired to look for them.  It’s been a rough week.  I brought him home from the vet today, let him out of his carrier, fed him some good canned cat food, (he hasn’t been eating) and now he’s gone.  I’ve heard that cats will just go off and die.  I’ve called and called.  Usually when he hears my car pull up, he will come running.  If you didn’t know better, you would think he was a dog.

He loves to lie right beside me when I’m working in the yard.  Picks up and moves to wherever I go and lies down again.  I can call him and here he comes.  He’s always been an outside cat except to come in every now and again and search the house (I think he’s still trying to find James; they loved each other), and then goes to the back door and sits and waits till you let him out.

We accidentally left him in the house a couple of times, and instead of pooping on the floor, he went in the bathroom and pooped in the tub.  I guess it was the closest thing he could come to a toilet.

I hope he doesn’t just go off and die.