X-Rated: Not for the faint of heart

2-week old baby

Not too long ago I read an article on the arrest of a child porn ring… and have been sick to my stomach every time it crosses my mind.  Which is often.

Can anyone explain to me why a man would do such things?  To such small children?  One as young as 19 days.  Yes, you read that correctly: 19 days old.

Operation Bulldog hunted these men down.  And found one of the ringleaders next door… in Bloomington, Indiana.  He has received 315 years in prison.  These are cases the death penalty could be given.  It’s all on tape.  The evidence is there for all to see; no guessing.  They murder the minds and souls of these children, turning them into sociopaths and molesters and murderers.

Beth Thomas was one such child.  Click on her name, and you will be taken to an informative blog with the videos of her treatment and the outcome of that treatment.  The videos are worth taking the time to watch them.

My heart breaks… as does God’s.