Picking Pumpkins and Putting them Places

Every year when autumn rolls around, I get sad.  My favorite time of the year, Sweet Summer, is dying off, giving way to Autumn, the harbinger of Winter.  boohoo boohoo 

It’s just that I soooo love Summer: being outdoors, running around practically naked (all I can say is Avert Your Eyes), swimming, garden foods, running around practically naked (or as in Kate’s and Ava’s case: naked), vacation, the list goes on and on.

So in order to keep from getting too down in the dumps, I pick out pumpkins and either make Jack-O-Lanterns or just put them all over the place for fall decorations.  In the case of this year (so far) I have just put them all over the place.  And thought I would share.

It’s Autumn… Fall of the Year

See the leaves?  They’re falling, you know.

There is the neatest little outdoor pumpkin patch where I got all the gourds and pumpkins.  The man who runs it picks all these and puts them on a trailer with a roof, parks it, and I get to choose from the portable pumpkin patch which ones I want:  $3 for the big, big ones and 3 for $5 for the gourds or small pumpkins.  He has a money box on the end of the trailer and trusts people to pay for what they get.  Unbelievable in today’s world!

The Gift of Seasons


Autumn is a lovely time:  beautifully colored trees; cool, crisp weather after the hot summer days; bonfires; jumping in the raked high leaves; toasting hot dogs and marshmallows; Halloween; Thanksgiving.  What fun!

Today I am thankful for the seasons of the Midwest.  We have lovely springs full of new life, gorgeous blooms, warmth after the cold, dreary days of winter, hope.

spring blooms

Then comes the summers full of vacations and swimming and picnics and laughing and shady spots under the canvas of full tree limbs, life.

sun with shades

And last but not least we have winter: a time for slowing down… until the snow comes.  Then it’s all about sledding or ice skating or building snowmen or snow forts or shoveling out from under snow.  It’s a time we appreciate that hot heat we had in the summer as we break ice to water cattle or horses.

winter scene

This weekend I am enjoying a fall party at the home of my nephew and his lovely wife.  Six children, cousins, all running around playing and fighting and having a great time.