Pharmaceutical Companies Kiss My ….

Have you ever tried to open one of these:

blister pack

This is now what my AllegraD comes in.  The next-to-impossible-to-open blister pack!  Before deregulating them, I could go to the pharmacy and get them in a nice, big, brown bottle that had a lid that opened very easily.  So every morning I just shook one out in my hand and popped it in my mouth.  Allergies, be gone!

But, now, because of some greedy scheme (I’m sure) by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, allergy medicine such as AllegraD is so-called over the counter.  That is, after you have given them your driver’s license for I.D. and signed a paper stating you are buying this not-controlled substance.


And, now, because the just-peel-off-the-back-and-push-out-the-pill blister packs are impossible to peel off and next to impossible to then push through, I don’t take my AllegraD like I should.  Thus causing the cough that I am now experiencing.

This weekend I will have to set aside a time to get the scissors and cut out the pills and put them in my good old brown container.

Glad I saved it!

And, pharmaceutical companies, kiss my lily-white…      (cough, hack, cough)  Pardon me.