My Sis Kicked My Butt!

The little sister came down today to help me get a handle on this out-of-control house I call home.  She has much more decorating savvy than I do.  My idea of decorating is put a couple of chairs in the room and pictures everywhere along with shelves and whatever else I have lying around and think I need to display.  Plus she is a shaker and a mover.  She has shaken this place up and moved stuff all over.  It looks great!

I told her the reason I did not have the decorating flair that she does is because I have one of the top ten live-in-a-trailer-park names.  Or at least that’s what Sandy Celeste says.  So my tastes are, unfortunately, different than Darla’s.  She has refined decor smarts; I have get ‘er done desire.

There is something to the name a child is given at birth.  I believe that a child takes on the persona and essence of the name given to him or her.  The internet says Brenda means sword.   Darla’s name means darling one.  And she is, and always has been as the baby of the family and the spoiled wife of Dave.

However, and most importantly, Darla does not have any type of blog whatsoever by any Darla.  I found one particularly interesting one from a cute little Brenda (click on her name) in Venezuela.  Here is an excerpt from one of her blogs:



Unforgettable  Brand

Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
In these days several persons have asked to me: “Which is the meaning of your name BRENDA?”
Also in recent days, Maryuri sent to me a funny e-mail. Here there is a comical KEY that explains the meaning of each letter in the alphabet. This meaning for each letter gives some traits of personality and special abilities and skills to the person that owns this letter in their name.
I really do not know if it is true… But it is nice and funny!!! At the end, I will give you all the meanings of all letters. In this way, you also will discover something very comical about your name and your person! Guiño (((Smile)))
Here I go with the name BRENDA…
B     All people fall in love with you.
R     You are very crazy.
E     You give very good kisses.
N     You are very sexy.
D     You have a great personality.
A     You are original.
Well, right now I present here the MEANINGS that I have read for the name BRENDA…
Brenda is a female name. This is a name with origins Gaelic, Irish, Norse, Scottish, Teutonic, Germanic.
According to each origin the name Brenda has a different meaning. I read that these meanings are: “Sword, Torch, Unforgettable Brand, Little Raven, Beacon On The Hill.”
I really love my name Brenda!!! The name Brenda is not common in Venezuela, my loved country. For me it is super good! Always people say to me that Brenda is a very beautiful name!!!
The story of why my name is Brenda is very interesting, lovely and a little strange. The truth is that a series of circumstances did it was possible. But really the name Brenda never was in the mind of my MOM for me! (((Smile))) GOD and the DESTINY wanted that BRENDA be my name in this life!
The meanings for Brenda, than more are repeated one and another time in all what I have read, are SWORD and TORCH.
“You are strong like a SWORD. Your nature is emotional, discerning, clear-sighted and clairvoyant. You express yourself with perseverance, concentration, aptitude, self-satisfaction, and clemency. You love what is and what can to be. You love the execution and contributing ideas. You are consistent and diligent. You are forged for activities that requiring action, friendship, sociability and urbanity. You love, teach and make beautiful!”
“You are the TORCH in many lives. Take the flame and fan it! Your enthusiasm and outlook on life is inspiring to others. Use your wisdom and inner knowledge to light the way for those less fortunate. The rewards will be great!”
“A     You are original.
B      All people fall in love with you.
C      You are a little crazy.
D      You have a great personality.
E      You give very good kisses.
F      The persons adore to you.
G      You never let to the persons say to you what to do.
H      You are very jealous.
I       You are a good boyfriend or girlfriend.
J       You know to live the life.
K      You have a good personality and you look very well.
L      You are loved for all people.
M     You like to drink.
N      You are very sexy.
O      You are good in the bed.
P      You are popular.
Q      You are a hypocritical.
R      You are very crazy.
S      You fall in love very easy.
T      You are loyal to your loved ones.
U      You like to talk through your nose.
V      You do not judge.
W     Your mind is intelligent.
X      You never let to the persons say to you what to do.
Y      You have a good butt.
Z      You always are ready.”
What do You Think and Feel about the Name BRENDA?

The Family That Works Together, Aches Together

Yesterday I wrote about falling in the pool and bruising myself and practically tearing my arm from the socket.  My sister wrote a reply about how we are a family that works; that’s just what we do.  It really doesn’t occur to us to ask for help, and generally we just pick up our shovels and dig in, whatever it may be.  I’ve hung drywall (ceiling and walls), dug a French drain around the garage, helped wire the basement, painted, canned our garden vegetables, cleaned house (not as well as I used to and never, ever as well as my Mom did), ironed, mowed/hoed/weeded, helped tear up a concrete driveway, moved furniture by myself (big stuff from upstairs to the basement) (used a sheet), and just generally worked like a mule.

And so has all my family.  And the in-laws.  And the out-laws.  My daughter rewired her bathroom by herself after reading a book on how to do it.  My nieces and nephews and their spouses are just as work hardy:  adding on rooms, changing out windows, plumbing, wiring, washing vehicles; anything that’s there to do, they can do it and do it well.

After reading her little response, I got to thinking about that work heritage and happened upon this picture that pretty well explains why we are all work horses.

Grandma Madeline and Mom 1925

When one was raised in the Great Depression, that person learned to work… and be frugal.  My mother never got over those years of lean times and always worked hard and saved harder.  She saved everything from money to tin foil.  And so did all the other ladies I knew that had gone through those oh-so-tough years.  Then they passed what they knew down to their children because what happened to them, well, it could happen to us, and we all needed to be prepared.

So we were taught at an early age to work:  cook, hang clothes on the line, iron, garden, clean.  Our neighbors up the hill, the Logsdons, had chickens, and Mrs. Logsdon would chop their heads off with an axe as we children squealed and ran from the flopping, headless hen.  Mom never had chickens.  From the photo I would imagine she’d had enough of them when she was small.

That’s probably why she married dad.  He was a grocer; it was what his family did.  So all she had to do was bring it home and fry it up.  Not a bad gig if you’ve ever been chased by a headless chicken.


Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get UP!!

Those were my words from the bottom of the pool Monday evening.  I was walking down the deep incline to get the pump going again because it had stopped, (needs to stay dry for the curing stage of five days so had to get the rain water off of it) and as I was about two-thirds of the way down, unbeknownst to me, the bottom of the incline was wet.  My feet slid on the slicker than snot (I really hate that analogy, sorry) rubberized pool floor, and I went ka-whack!!  Hitting my entire right side in the free fall.  Since I was holding the rope we use to climb up and down that incline, I held on tighter to keep from tumbling, thus, I am fairly certain from the way it feels, tearing my rotator cuff.

As I lay there on my back staring around at Bikini Blue walls and floor, I was hoping I had not broken anything because it felt as though my thigh bone was cracked.

big black bug

After a little wiggling spell, I decided nothing was broken, and after looking around at the big bugs crawling all over the place, I hurriedly got up, really deciding I was fine.  After all, there may have been a baby frog down there as well.  EEEEEEEK!!

But I’m not.  I hurt from stem to stern and am bruising more and more each day.  My right shoulder is killing me, and I can barely use it.  I have decided I’m too old for this sheet.  What the heck am I doing at the bottom of a 10-foot or more deep swimming pool?


So for the last two days, I have been dragging around like the town tomcat because I can’t sleep and I hurt like Hades.  I am praying for a miracle, so am quite sure God will forget about those awful things I said to Him and about Him Sunday afternoon and Monday evening and will heal me.

Bikini Blue wheelchair

Or at least send some knight in shining armor that will want to whisk me up on his Bikini Blue wheelchair and roll off together in the sunset… leaving the Bikini Blue pool for the frogs and the bugs.

Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God Almighty I’m Free at Last!


It’s the 4th of July!  Time to celebrate freedom!  President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his Four Freedoms Speech in 1941 said he wanted to see four freedoms:  freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.  In 1963 Martin Luther King wanted to see freedom from segregation.

sexual revolution

By the late 1970s the Sexual Freedom movement had dwindled.

The 1980s brought freedom from public schooling as more and more families began home schooling their children.


Freedom for women came in the 1990s as they moved into greater positions of power and authority, becoming more willing to use their voice in speaking out for their rights.

And now… we are in the 21st century.  What freedoms will be challenged?  O Liberty…! is it well To leave the gates unguarded?
~Thomas Bailey Aldrich

What chains of bondage need to be broken to gain freedom?  “In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

What voices and actions will be used to maintain or gain freedom?  “By definition, a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” Adlai Stevenson

My favorite freedom of all:  Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.  Romans 8: 1-2

My weaknesses, my imperfections, my failure in doing what I don’t want to do, my inability to live a life free from sin just doesn’t matter for the Spirit who lives in me will be my witness that I am justified in my freedom by the blood of the Great Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ.  I am not condemned.  I am loved.  My goal for this Independence Day: the freedom from any preconceived ideas that keep me from loving as God loves.

What’s your goal?  Free from the bondage of drugs or alcohol?  Free from the destruction of gossip?  Free from financial worries?  Free to be you?  Free from underwire bras?  Now that is freedom.