Let’s Get This Party — er, Year Started!!

Enter today!!!

Nothing like starting the year out with a good thing: a contest!  I’ve rounded up some neat stuff to give away, just stuff that appealed to me and reflects my blog a little bit, that goes along with the personalities, life situations, and love blog persona.  And, of course, aprons and appetites!

All you have to do is comment on this post about your plans or goals for the year 2012.  Name one or name them all.  The contest ends next Tuesday.

13 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party — er, Year Started!!

  1. another contest huh?
    Well, let’s see…..same ol’ thing…lose weight! haha I quit making New Year’s Resolutions years ago. But that would be the one!!


  2. Well Brenda, I have lots of goals for 2012 but first of all I’d like to loose some weight instead of gaining it. :0) I would also like to get my house organized. Hopefully I will get at least one of those things accomplished before the year ends.


  3. I heard on K-Love today that when one woman was asked if she was making New Year’s resolutions, she replied that instead she was making a covenant with God. I decided that was a better idea. So, my covenant is to allow God to have more control of my life this year.


  4. Weight is not a losing battle but what seems to be a gaining one for me. As Sunday School director my big goal this year is to increase our attendance at Ridgway First. I have projects around this here house that i would love to finish. I have grandkids and great grandkids I would like to be closer with. There are self-esteem issues I would like to get over. The list just goes on and on.


  5. Losing weight is on the bucket list every year!!! Being more organizedwould be wonderful!!
    But reading the Bible and listening to God will be number one on my list!!


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