The Tank

propane tank

One of these little darlings is sitting on my deck as I blog.  It’s bigger than I thought but not so big that it takes up that much room.  The city cut me off, you know.  I didn’t pay my $10 bill in a timely manner; pretty sure it was at least one day after the two-week-pay-or-off-with-your-head gas date.  I knew they were doing it with the water but didn’t think they were doing it with the meter rental which is what I pay in the summer months.  So when they said it was $75 to have it turned back on, I told them to just plug it or get the meter or whatever they have to do because I wasn’t paying that and promptly went home and called the propane gas company to bring me a tank or two:  one for the house for the stove and one for the garage for the couple of months I use it in the winter.

After the guys came with the tanks, we all realized I only needed one.  Well, actually the dude that knows what he’s talking about realized it, and then I saw the flame light.  So it sits out by the garage instead of right by the back screen door which is very nice.

I need to paint it with a summer scene.

summer scene

Rolling Stones mouth

Or Rolling Stones mouth.

Michelangelo's David

Or naked men.


Or a big Margarita and flip-flops.


13 thoughts on “The Tank

  1. REPENT & PAY THE FEES!!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER YET “BUY YOUR OWN TANK” How’s that for a slogan for the neighborhood!!!! LOL What a rebel you are…..LOL!!!


  2. Hey I am right behind you. Going to get me a tank…another 120 for rental fee…I dont think so.I can do better than that……I love the pics that you have to go along with your story. You can have a different scene for each season….You go BB……


  3. Use the summer scene. Have someone come and paint the entire tank. You will mostly see it in the summer. The fall when you are sitting out back – the scene will remind you “oh what a great summer we had”. The winter you will only be passing through to take out the trash. Maybe you can make a coat for it so to protect the wonderful paint job. The simple things in life like a propane tank that make us happy.


  4. Yeah, I’m glad you’re having the last laugh…I hope;) We had an incidence with our propane last winter…Of course, most of it was our fault, we let it run out! So I called on a Friday and told them it was not an emergency, but we needed gas…thinking I shouldn’t mention we’re empty or they’ll run out and fill us up and charge us a hefty fee for the call…Come Monday they came, discovered we were empty and charged us an extra $100 on top of filling the tank because we let it run out. We were so mad, if I had known they were going to charge the $100 regardless, I wouldn’t have suffered all weekend without the gas. So after this tank runs out…we are switching companies 🙂


  5. After looking at your pictures for a 2nd time….I like the margaritaville scene. Your posts from Florida this year were great…. You seemed so happy and relaxed!!! I can close my eyes and envision looking at the ocean while relaxing in a lounge chair….AAAWWWWWW!!!!!!! A girl has the right to change her mind!!! LOL!!!


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