♪♪♪ It’s My Party And I’ll Give Away Something ♪♪♪

okay. so it's Kate's party in this picture. my party pictures were too risque!

Lesley Gore has nothing on me in the party area.  There are some mighty fine party pictures of me floating around out there somewhere.  Lots of fun at those parties.  Some pretty cool party guns (closely resembled a particular body part) and some great party get-ups.

One party in particular, and unbeknownst to me, I was graced with a big sign plastered on my back by the ever fun-loving nephews

now, you're how old?

the train engineer

that said “Old Saggy Tits.”  My poor mother finally just couldn’t take it any more and she said, “I think the baby got something on you.”   I was holding little Jack at the time, so I put my hand up on my shoulder to check it out.  And she instructed me it was down farther on my back.  Lo and behold there was a piece of paper taped to my back… which explained the big hug and back slapping I had gotten from the men-boys.

So what’s the point of all this party talk?  My birthday is coming up this  month, and I am having a big Getting Older Give-Away!  Yippee!  Let the fun begin.

All you have to do to get your name in the pot is comment on here that you follow my blog.  That’s one.  Another way is to let me know that you have subscribed to my blog, and if you haven’t already, then check the sign-me-up box to subscribe.  That’s two.  And the third way to get your name in is to put a memory or some story or some comment about me.  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait!

The contest will end June 17, my birth date.  That evening I will post who won and will mail or bring your prize to you that day since I will be leaving to go to Hilton Head on the 18th.

Get to thinking everybody.  It doesn’t have to be any big comment; just something about me.  After all,  it is my birthday!

birthday balloons

17 thoughts on “♪♪♪ It’s My Party And I’ll Give Away Something ♪♪♪

  1. Brenda, I love your blog and look forward to it every day. Some days you don’t post anything but that still makes me think about you. You have a win-win thing going here, girl. Love ya!!


    • Well, girlie, these last few days I haven’t been posting anything at all!! Sorry. Trying to get this yard work done and the pool ready to paint. Say a prayer for me. So far the contest is looking good. Just four people. Will put a picture of the birthday present on here next week. 🙂


  2. 1. Yes, I read your blog
    2. Yes, I subscribe to your blog
    3. Guess the best memories are of our childhood and all the fun we all had.
    But also, have to mention your dedication to the church as pianist. All these years,
    you and Vicki have been so dedicated and dependable. A true blessing to the church.


    • We DID have fun! Poor children today don’t have a clue what fun really is. Such a shame life has to steal it away from them. And poor, poor Vickie… having me across the way on the piano, trying to make sense out of just what in the world I’m playing (not what I’m SUPPOSED to be playing). I don’t know how she’s done it. LOL


  3. I love love love reading your blog…some posts make me laugh, some have earned a tear, but I ALWAYS enjoy your words.
    I can’t believe, this but I am drawing a blank on a story or memory to share. I guess we haven’t had as many “events” together… more moments and conversation…which I love. Just hanging out and chatting with you is fabulous! I love your quirky, unconventional, keepin it real wisdom. It’s unbelievable refreshing and comforting.
    I remember and love summers spent at your house growing up…mostly in the basement with the rest of the hood…causing minimal trouble and waiting patiently on your arrival from the grocery store. I don’t know how you greeted us with a smile, because all of your shopping disappeared in minutes…all that hard work devoured. But your smile remained. I love that smile!


  4. Brenda you know I have subscribed to and read your blog!!!!!! A highlight of my day, to see what fun you and the girls are having or what adventure you are planning next. Besides the fun we have had in the pool and at your house…..One of my most treasured memories is hearing you sing!!!!!

    June is a very special month in our family too!! Emily and Mom celebrate their 9th and 69th birthdays on June 9th!!!!
    Richie and I will be celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary on June 19th!!! Happy Father’s Day too!!!
    Lot’s to celebrate and give thanks to God for!!

    Happy Birthday my dear Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • We’ve had some adventures, haven’t we? Will never forget you and kids traipsing in here late at night with that flashlight to look for Bo. LOL Will have to look the celebs up tomorrow to tell them happy birthday. 🙂 WOW! 24!! You did good.


  5. Girl, you know i read your blog….look forward to what you have to say every day! And of course I subscribe so I get those msgs on my phone that you’ve posted another wild and crazy story! 🙂 Oh, and my favorite memory with you is when we crashed the wedding reception (of course I didn’t know a soul, but at least you did) and dancing with you and your cousin, I think, and then “the boys”!!!! Shhhh!!!!! Oh, what fun we had! Oh, and stopping by the store with your friends! Wow, I can’t believe all of that happened in one night! You are so much fun to be around! Love you, girlfriend!


  6. Follow the blog….check
    Subscribe…check, check
    Memory: Me being the little sister and you being the “big” sister. You always had everything I wanted / mainly clothes. I don’t know how I managed it-but I was able to sneak into your closet and wear your clothes! Can you imagine how risky that was at the Jr. High and High School level….oh it was so daring of me. I am still shaken when I think about the time I was walking down the hall in HS and I was wearing your favorite sweater and skirt. They were a deep purple color, it was a set (like a sweater & cardigan). And all of a sudden….here came this voice from behind me that was way down the hall, “Get my clothes off…I didn’t say you could wear that!” and you were so loud and in front of my friends! But as time went on you gave in to letting me rummage through your closet, your shoes, your makeup, your jewelry and even your purse if I needed something. Unfortunate for me though, I outgrew your clothes, but not the others 🙂


  7. I remember this. I would sneak out with my sisters clothes and was screamed at a lot. Would sneak clothes out the bedroom window and change in Ellens car and off we would go!


      • Hey when one of the sisters had something new….We all wanted it! We laugh about how we would try to not wear each others dress to school in the same wk. Not alot of dressses to pass around 4 sisters!!! Yes back in those days we had to wear dressed and would get sent home if too short!!!


  8. My memory of you was always running around with Linda Tucker and I thought you guys were so cool. You were so pretty and full of laughter and always always makes me smile when I am around you!


  9. Yes, I subscribe to your blog and look forward to reading it…even if I don’t always post. One of my most vivid memories is of you standing up at a court reporting seminar several years ago and with your southern twang, you told them, and I quote, “You can’t do anything to me that hasn’t already been done.” I will never forget that as long as I live. I remember thinking you were so strong in the midst of all you had been through, and I still believe that, B, even though I’m sure you don’t feel that way sometimes…Hope you have a grand birthday month!!


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