The Apron (via The Life of a Self-Professed Rocket Surgeon)

Found this blog in my foraging escapade and have contacted Angel to see about reblogging it. I have discovered that her father passed away just in the last couple of days, so know that she has been overwhelmed, and understand why no response. The reblog option lets me post it to my site, and I do so with the request for prayer for this lovely lady in a time of heartache and distress.

When I was a little girl I loved to wear an apron.  I remember the feeling of tying an old apron around my waist.  The ties were so long they wrapped back around in front and tied in a bow.  I would ask my mom if I could clean.  Of course she whole-heartedly agreed to that proposition.  I would load my large apron pockets with necessary cleaning supplies, and my cleaning would last about 8 minutes.  Or less.  There was a novelty in wearing the ap … Read More

via The Life of a Self-Professed Rocket Surgeon

10 thoughts on “The Apron (via The Life of a Self-Professed Rocket Surgeon)

  1. I love the stories about the aprons…….I so remember both of my grandmas wearing aprons….It was apart of their everyday dress. I should buy me an apron and wear it on special occasions just so my little gdaughter Emily can say I remember mama wearing an apron on special day…thanks for apronsandappetites………….love it


  2. Please know that you can repost it with my permission. I’m sorry about the delayed response. Thank you so much for your prayers. We are in the bowels of funeral arrangements right now. This is a trying time. But I so appreciate your thoughts. Take care.


  3. Glad you borrowed this, Brenda. What a great story! I really enjoyed it.
    Do you remember our housekeeper Edna? Such a great lady she was. She always wore an apron. And I”m sure she wiped many a tear and snotty nose on it. She was with us from before my birth to 16 years old. I have a new gifted apron that my neighbor gave me. She would tell me that I needed to wear an apron!! Esp. when she’d come by and I was baking pies and covered in flour!! And she was right.
    Maybe I’ll dig it out and start wearing it.


  4. Have taken part of my lunch to read your blog. Oh…my! I love it. It’s full of life and encouragement despite all odds. Thanks for filling my soul, making me smile and again reminding me how grateful I am to know you! Blog on…..Dear Friend!


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