A Quinkle Lift Isn’t The Answer

Sometimes we just can’t explain what it is that makes us do the things we do.


For instance, why have I always loved to read, even encyclopedias? And what makes me procrastinate when I hate doing it? From where does this chameleonism of mine come or my inability to make a decision? Why have I saved magazine recipes for years… and years… and years?

As I look around at family and friends, I wonder about their quinkles as well.  You know, those quirky things that make wrinkles in your personality that you would otherwise not have if it weren’t for the quirks, those things that keep you from being the terrific person you truly are. If only we could have a quinkle lift, then our lives would be made right and whole, and joy and tranquility would abound. A little smoothing out of those deep quinkles that affect our day-to-day progress, such as getting to work on time.

personality colors

But then… what about all that color in our personalities?

Those quinkles are what makes a person vivid, gives depth to our intrinsic differences, stretches our beliefs and endurance capacities.

In my family alone we have a cat quinkle, a fat quinkle, a run-around-in-circles quinkle; a regret quinkle, a forget quinkle, and a can-I-ever-get-it-right quinkle; a drama quinkle, a dilemna quinkle, and a let’s-get-‘er-done-right-now quinkle. As I think on it, we are so quinkled!

drama quinkle

So what kind of quinkles do you and your family have?

9 thoughts on “A Quinkle Lift Isn’t The Answer

  1. i have a shut-down quinkle…(my sister has it too, but not as bad as me yet) when i get my feelings hurt, i close myself off…i really hope my children can be more like a duck, let things roll off of them and move on. then there’s the towel-folding quinkle, the no patience quinkle…etc. i also have a “….” quinkle, i over-use “…..” i can’t help myself…i’ve tried to switch to commas, even one single “.” but i just can’t stop after just one…oh well, whatcha gonna do!


  2. Never really thought of all the quinkles in my family, but I will think on that. Keep up the good writing BB…..You make us stop and think or laugh, or just enjoy what you write……….


  3. it’s easier to see the quinkles in other ppl than to talk about our own….sometimes. now skeletons, those are scary…and i prefer to have mine not in a closet but buried better yet ground to dust! lol


  4. What about the “fan club quinkle”. It is really hard traveling with this. It can be quite embarrassing when you ck into a hotel. And when you travel in a plane and you can not bring it. Then you know you are headed for trouble. I am trying to overcome this as I love to travel. I am doing quite well. But then you find out there is a perfect size you can buy that fits into your suitcase and weighs hardly anything. Something about the noise and breeze blowing into your hair and face. It used to be a pillow and a fan…..


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