IMG_6754It’s Steve’s fault I am down here in the basement reading my favorite blogs:  putting my name in the running for a really cool pair of cowboy boots on the Pioneer Woman’s blog, catching up on little EK from Chronicles of a  Rocket Surgeon, salivating all over my computer at the cookies and pies Pink Martinis has been making, finding out new stuff and different opinions.  After seeing all the catchy titles, I’m now thinking I should change the name of my little effort at a blog.  Hmmmmmm.

All this thinking this late at night is Steve’s fault!!  He let me lie there this evening after supper in that big cushioned recliner all snuggled up next to him, warm and cozy, and sleep!  Probably for two hours.  He knows I can’t sleep if I do that.

Yep.  His fault.

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I love laughing... children... photography... writing bad poetry and probably blogs... collecting people for a lifetime... and their stories... dancing... playing cards. I love words; they're delicious! I love lying in my hammock in my backyard and watching traffic from the swing on my front porch. I love that Christ so totally loves me.

3 thoughts on “Slumberless”

      1. That’s close enough. Thanks! It was hard and I haven’t written since. It’s great for habit forming. I only wish I could stick with good habits!

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